Tribe Red Eye® Galleria

Tribe Red Eye® Galleria

Experienced Multimedia Visual/Recording Artist & Designer :
1. Music Creation (Writing/Recording/Perfomance Artist) & Production, Mixing, Audio Engineering/FX
2. Graphic Art/Design
3. Fashion Design
4. Merchandise Design/Creation
5. Brand Developer/Designer/Digital Marketing
6. Logo/Visual Marketing Design
7. Photography & Photo Editing

*For Serious Business Inquiries


There are NO CONSIGNMENT dealings whatsoever
(unless contractual agreements are written up to guarantee business & compensation)

When choosing AK Dimitriā„¢ Artworx & Design, there is a mutual agreement in which the client pays for exceptional & professionally unique quality designs for equally exceptional rates & pricing.
If you are not able to afford such goods & service, please consider whether or not you are serious or ready to invest in the well-being & long term future of your business. You want high end quality, you have to invest into it.
Thank you for your time.

- AK Dimitriā„¢ Artworx & Design
Tribe Red Eye®