A Heart and Soul Concept & Design Studio

A Heart and Soul Concept & Design Studio


I have been sculpting and creating art for over 25 years and have drawn my inspiration from nature, animals and my surroundings. In recent years my interests have expanded to include ceramic art.

I don't usually sketch out my work, it's in my head. I build on or take away, step back, interpret what I see and then alter where I think it's needed. Sculpture is an art... it's trial and error and experimentation... it's frustration and joy... and it's a part of who I am. Each piece is one of a kind, born from my imagination and experience. It's a craft - a set of skills that produce an original handmade work. And, at times, a science with unpredictable results. So many variables that can result in an eye widening spectacle or the heartbreak of a piece that didn't quite reach its potential, no matter what medium I’m working in.

My goal is to create unique and creative art that speaks to who I am as an artist.

Sculpture - Mixed Media

A Dog's Life

Acrylics Paintings