ABJ The Crafty Couple

ABJ The Crafty Couple


Hello! My name is Amber. I am in love with the beautiful things in life. Nature is my happy place. The smells and colors and textures of our world are inspiring and grounding.
When I am in my studio I like to play with colors and patterns to evoke the emotions I feel at that moment. I love how certain colors make me feel deep emotions. Blues and greens are calming for me. Reds and oranges are savage and fierce. White is ethereal and black portrays the darkness inside. I've noticed that when I paint or create my busy mind slows down and I am able to be present at the moment. I absolutely love creating art. I love getting messy and trying new things. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.
Hello! My name is Brian. I enjoy being outdoors and in nature. That inspires my art. I love watching my wife create art and decided to jump in and partner with her. I started by making frames for her paintings. From there my creative mind took off. Since then I have designed and built wooden chests, plaques, picture frames, workbenches, tables, and desks. The possibilities are endless and I love the process of thinking up a design and putting it into fruition.
Together we are ABJ Art and Woodwork and we can't wait to create something beautiful and original just for you.


Mixed Media

Acrylic Paintings