The Ninth Circle Studio

The Ninth Circle Studio

Weaving the fabric of reality and the illusion of the disturbed.

Born and raised in New York.

During my early childhood playing in the vast forests and empty fields that surrounded my house nurtured a sense of curiosity in me. I wondered what could be hidden in between the trees and planes and imagined what only I could see as both something ominous and foreboding, and yet strangely beautiful. The fear of the unknown coupled with childhood grandeur. It is from these well springs that I draw, to create what, at that moment in time I could only imagine.

At fourteen navigated to Florida.

Here I completed high school and moved onto Ringling College of Art + Design. While at Ringling my technical skills flourished and I set forth a new precedence in what I could create.

Present and beyond.

My wife and son show me different views of the world and from these musings I collect multiple visions to be used in creating my work.

I am constantly striving to create superior pieces while not straying from my course set forth many years ago. Each piece brings me closer to the perfect beauty and balance of reality and illusion that I seek to achieve.

In viewing my work I hope to touch some hidden memory of imagination that was once within you.