Julia Fisenko


Julia Fisenko - Russian artist. Born in 1989 in Moscow city, Russia. Known for her paintings in the direction of cubism. As an artist, Julia is self-taught. Many paintings adorn houses throughout our Russia. More than 30 works have been sold.
I began to paint when she was 9 years old. My first exhibition took place in 2020. At that time, I was working on her first Cubist paintings.

"I only wanted to draw and nothing else since my childhood. I painted people and things I saw and liked.
Time stops for my when I draw. All I feel is what's going on deep inside me, in my heart. And that feelings never disappears. Cubism has become traditional and natural for me, for example, as breathing. "

This year, my paintings will be at least three exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinesberg.
Currently, I lives in two cities of Moscow and Sochi, writes, exhibits and, at the same time, does not stop studying.