Miss Marie

Miss Marie


For Artwork Comissions AND things other than Artworks, just contact me through AstrologicalG33k@gmail.com OR here, at Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/missmarie77/portraits-abstract-art-illustrations-and-more
Thank You =*******-)!!!!!!!

Hello! =-)!
I am a housebound (by now) "old" lady who is a hermit and has been a hermit my whole life.
I do all kinds of pieces of artworks, unfortunately I no longer have room for all the things I've made over my lifetime and I am forced to try and sell my stuff; or it will go into the trash. =-(!
I don't want to let all of it go, but sooner or later I must.
I have created items to sell, and others to not sell and instead hang in my own home. Unfortunately I have not been able to hang most of my artworks because I have not had the wall space, but if I could I would.
This aside I am picking out pieces to sell here that I am willing to part with.

So have a look around and please let me know what you think. I hope everyone likes my little home on the internet here. Cozy, warm and very happy; if in an odd way. ;-D!


To keep prices down everything I'm selling is without the frame. If you want it framed then let me know, but just to warn you the price will be significantly higher than it would have been without the frame. This is due to shipping costs.


Greyscale, Black & White & Drawings