E. Darrell Smith originals signed


My name is Laura Anderson and I live just outside of Sedona, Arizona. Starting this month I'm going to be selling my work on stay and Amazon. I already sell at a gallery in Sedona. I do a variety of things including, I have panache for finding heart shaped rocks. I smooth out the rough spots just a little with a dremel tool . Not too much as I want them almost as I found them. I then glue them to reclaimed boards formed into a hanging piece any where from 6 inches to 18 inches. I also make pendulums with a different crystal at one end and either an archangel Michael medallion at the other, written in angelic script from the book of Enoch or a Sedona vortex rock I hollow out and fill with stones from the river I crush with a hammer. Beautiful colors. Sometimes I take a glass locket and fill it with little vortex stones. I also make jewelry with stones. I do so many things. The average pendulums are around 10 to 20 dollars, but mine cost more because of the crystals I pick and the work I put into them. I truly love what I do and I am filled with joy Everytime I make a piece. My number is 928_301_8031. I take special requests if I'm able to acquire what you desire.