Arthur E. Duran, Painter

Arthur E. Duran, Painter

Arthur Edward Duran has been painting for as long as he can remember learning from his father who earned a drafting degree but became a police officer and never pursued his artistic dreams. His older brothers created wonderful things without a care, his late Uncle Manuel was a graphic artist who also inspired, and enabled Art to pursue his natural, and God given talents. Arthur is more mystified by the magic of Art, and it has always evoked strong feelings from within, a nagging need to create which is like a thirst that is quenched every time the brush glides across the canvas. Arthur was not a great student but was very social and on the rowdy eclectic side but still nice as a teddy bear. He has a versatile and fearless style with a wide range of skills, and paints without apologies, or rules. His focus is currently an exploration of acrylic paint on canvas, of which he has no plans to diviate from for at least the next year.

Arthur has earned the following
-BFA from Cal-State University Fullerton.
-Desert Storm Veteran US Army
-Curently a Creative Director
-Numerous awards and recognitions.

All paintings on this page are original paintings, acrylic on canvas unless otherwise noted. If you’re interested in original paintings please contact via email at

You can support Art by ordering a print from this page or visit his facebook page at

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