My name is Benjamin Joshua. What follows is a visual synthesis of my ongoing research into the many realms of ->

...Music Theory, Sacred Geometry, Golden Proportion, Mathematics, Frequency & Vibration, The Harmony Of The Spheres, Cymatics, 432Hz Family, The Sumerian Cyclical Tuning System, Astronomy, Etymology, Symbolism, Alchemy, Sound Healing, Geodetics, Metallurgy, Megalithic Sites, Meditation, Magnetism, Ancient Cultures ...


"The Intervals" series consists of my visual deconstruction of the 11 intervals of equal temperament, shown in only ONE specific KEY = the key of A.
(You can visualize ANY key you like at the top of the diagram, the geometry of the individual intervals will continue to remain identical.)

"The Intervals" series demonstrates the following truths ->
1.) that each of the 11 individual intervals contain a specific geometry
2.) that reciprocal intervals exhibit identical geometry
3.) that reciprocal intervals "flow" in opposite directions
4.) Major intervals & the Perfect Fifth "flow" clockwise
5.) Minor intervals & the Perfect Fourth "flow" counter-clockwise
6.) The Diminished Fifth, being based on the √2, {the squared circle & the invisible hypotenuse}, will "flow" 180 degrees directly opposite from itself {Pi, in radian-based math} & then would have the ability to "maintain" or "change' directional "flow". This is the concept in music theory of a dirigible "diminished tension", resolving into whichever KEY color the composer so chooses ...


"The Modes" series follows from "The Interval" series, showing each of the 7 modes of the standard western major/minor temperament {12√2} & their individual "weights".


The "Digital Abstractions" series contain just that. We can consider this a 'Rorschach Test' of sorts ...

The Intervals

The Modes

Flower Of Life & Metatron's Cube

Digital Abstractions