Ensar Hadzic Buxhoeveden

Ensar Hadzic Buxhoeveden


Ensar Hadžić / 29.6.1996. in Sarajevo
Hamdije Kreševljakovića 80, 71 000 Sarajevo
phone: +38762 567 816
email: ensarmagnus1@gmail.com

2019 - 2020
Master student of the Department of Printmaking, University of Sarajevo
2015 - 2019
Bachelor of the Department of Printmaking, University of Sarajevo
2015 - 2020
Course of practical philosophy at the international organization New Acropolis
2011 - 2015
Art technician for art and graphic equipment and book processing - High School of Applied Arts Sarajevo

Curating of the exhibition "Memory of color and Reminiscence of shape", Tuzla
2015 - 2020
volunteering at the international organization New Acropolis / leading the sculpture workshop, participating in various projects such as closed-eye theater, puppet shows, moderating workshops...
2010 - 2020
volunteering at the Jewish Youth Club / making the scene for the celebration of Jewish holidays, making posters, participating in various seminars, assemblies and engagement in the New Temple Gallery

-Fourth solo exhibition "Heroism and Revolution" within the manifestation "Museum Summer 2020"; BiH, Sarajevo, 2020
-Third solo exhibition "Where you will be tomorrow - I will be there" in the Cultural Center of Trebinje; BiH, Trebinje, 2020
-Second solo exhibition "Reminiscence" in the Gallery AB Maglaj; BiH, Maglaj, 2020
-The first solo exhibition in the UDAS gallery as part of the "Autumn of Graphics" event; BiH, Banja Luka, 2019

-Participation in the exhibition "Oblik"; BiH, Tuzla 2020
-Participation in the Fourth International Triennial of Printmaking; virtual exhibition posted on the ULU Serbia website; 2020
-Participation in a collective online exhibition called "Was ist Walter?" in the History Museum of BiH; BiH, Sarajevo 2020
-Participation in a collective exhibition at Raiffeisen Bank on the occasion of nominations for the "Alija Kučukalić" award in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo; BiH, Sarajevo 2020
- Exhibition "We are building a railway - the railway is building us" within the project "The Living Museum"; Sarajevo and Jajce, BiH; 2019
- Eco-colony Blidinje; BIH; 2019; Exhibition held in a virtual character in the Kunstmatrix gallery entitled "Let's help those who need it the most"; 2020
- Exhibitions of archaeological reproductions in the school for blind and partially sighted children and children with special needs organized by the New Acropolis; BiH, Montenegro 2017/18
- Participation in the workshop within the project "Printmaking Spring"; 2018
- Annual exhibition of students works of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, BiH 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
- Graphic Biennial of Youth of BiH 2017, an exhibition that visited galleries throughout BiH
- "Draw November / Zoom Love", workshop and comic book exhibition, BiH, 2016
- "PSV Art" competition and exhibition of the best works in The Hague, 2016
- “Zoom” workshop and exhibition, Serbia, 2015

-Javorwood Festival, letterpress workshop; BiH, 2020
-Sculpture workshop in the school for children with special needs "Mjedenica", Sarajevo, BiH, 2018

-Public performance and public speaking, Sarajevo, 2019
-The Living Museum, Sarajevo, 2019
-Judaism - the fight against assimilation, Sarajevo, 2018
-Summer U, Bulgaria, 2018
-Limmud, Subotica, 2017

-Youth Cultural Cooperation program / Creative Mentoring Tirana, Mostar, Belgrade, 2020
-The Living Museum, Sarajevo, 2019

-Museum of the Second Session of AVNOJ in Jajce

Ubi fueras ibi ero

connection of everyday objects

Reminiscence Of The Prophet