Born in Singapore, and am in my early 40s. I have loved art my whole life. However only recently do i have the courage to share my art with the world. I have never been to any art school or any art courses nor do i have any diploma in art. However i believe that art is a platform to express your inner feelings and share how you view the world through your very own eyes. How i would picture things or places that i have never been to and putting it down on canvas. Sceneries are my personal favourite as it lets me explore my imagination and my dreams of what a place would look like. I was brought up in a city full of skyscrapers and i could only picture nature in my mind. So being able to put all that on canvas is like a big accomplishment for me.

In this world, i believe that the mind can go further that what the eye can see. Even though i know that my creations might sometimes seem very fairy tale like, i will never stop dreaming of a beautifully peaceful place. And no matter how deformed the mind can be, it should be how you express yourself that will make a good art. I will keep on doing art as it is the best therapy for me and i always felt wonderful when my creation is completed. And now that i have this chance to share my dreams and imagination, i would definitely make full use of this chance. Hoping that one day it could motivate the next generations of artist to keep on trying hard and not to give up your passion.

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