Margie's art

Margie's art

Art has been a passion for me all my life. I baby sat for others and saved money to buy my first oil paint set when I was 12 years old and a great aunt who was an artist gave me my first lesson. When I was in junior high school I took an art class but it was an art history class and we didn't get to do any art. In high school I took an art class but the teacher produced things for the administration and we were told to sit and do homework or read a book or visit quietly thus again nor art produced by the students. My first year in college I was majoring in medical technology but I signed up for an art class, the instructor asked me if I had taken the prerequisite (which he was the one teaching it) and I said no, he was very upset with me, even though I thought my work looked as good as any of the other students. I got married and then started a family after my first year of college. my husband knew I liked to paint but he didn't realize how important it was to me until I had a talk with him about it. I told him I really wanted to take a watercolor class from an artist in Scottsdale, Arizona. He suggested that rather than doing that why not take a class at the junior college and get credits for it in case I ever wanted to finish getting my degree. I did that and took a life drawing class. It was harder than I thought it would be, but very good for me to do. That was a summer school class, that fall I took a full load , I took as many classes as I could at the Junior college before transferring to the college I had taken my first year which was at Arizona State College , now Arizona State University. I had given birth to our 5th child the week before finals and graduating from Mesa Community College with distinction. The following fall I took all Tuesday, Thursday classes and the next semester all Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes so I could be at home with my baby and other children as much as possible. The next fall I did my student teaching and then got hired in the middle of the school year to teach art in the public schools, which I did for 22 years My husband and I then went to China where we both taught for one year at Qingdao University and I was able to sit in on an art class there which I really enjoyed. It wasn't until after retiring from teaching that I finally had the time to create very much art. I showed my art in some art galleries, but I didn't really like that route. I like this method of selling my art. I like knowing that others enjoy seeing my art especially those who include some of my paintings in their collection.
I just ran across an article about one of my solo art shows and thought I would include it here:
June 13 will be the opening reception for an art show of Margie Porter’s paintings and some photographs at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The show runs from June 1 to July 15. A native of Arizona, born in Mesa, Margie’s love of nature and art were an important part of her life from her earliest recollections. Her favorite Christmas gift she ever received as a child was a watercolor set. Instead of going out to play with cousins and friends she stayed at home and painted. At the age of 12 She saved her babysitting earnings and purchased her first oil painting set and had her first art lesson from a great aunt. She loved to study the lighting and contrasts and the affects of color in her aunts paintings. Family outings and campout vacations gave opportunities to study nature and discover subject matter for paintings.
She attended only one year of college at Arizona State University before marriage. After having four children she felt she must take some art courses. She took a life drawing class at Mesa Community College and that mushroomed quickly into going back full time as a student. She had her fifth child the week before graduating with honors for her AA degree from Mesa Community College. The following fall she returned to ASU where she finished her BA degree.

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