2 Creative Online...Exploring Nature In Art

This husband and wife team have worked together creatively for 20 years. They have joined talents as ever evolving mixed media artists in exploring a line of environmentally inspired originals. Their wide variety of aesthetic and functional designs have gained wide recognition receiving honors in numerous art/fine craft shows through out the upper Midwest.

The husband has worked with materials and processing for over fifty years. This training and experience has given him the necessary skills to be both innovative and unique in original two and three dimensional art. His use of natural materials such as driftwood, antler, wood, and rock evoke the feelings of motion, flow, rhythm, and energy. He has mastered the use of these materials and has brought them to a high level of innovative processing and contemporary design.

The wife has a fine art degree and over 25 years of graphic design experience. It is said that her art evokes the feelings of motion, flow, rhythm, and energy associated with nature. The combination of experience, skill, and vision has brought her art to a high level of contemporary design. She is an ever evolving artist in developing a line of environmentally inspired originals. The scenic beauty of Lake Superior, and the upper midwest forests of the USA are mirrored in each of her pieces.
Her love of nature, creative ability, the use of natural materials and painting styles has been the cornerstone in developing unique decorative pieces to accent her customers living environment.

Art By Suzanne Skuban