Welcome to 2MenArt Gallery! We’re a couple of polish artists that specialize in painting glitter pieces on canvas. We’d like to emphasize the „painting” part. We don’t use the common technique of pouring the glitter on a surface covered in glue that gives somewhat of a random final effect.

The technique we use is truly unique - we came up with it ourselves. We use glitter just like you’d use paint. That way we’re able to create precise shading and smooth transitions - an effect incomparable to the common glitter technique.

Adam Fotek: I’m passionate about portraits. I want to make images of people that they’ll enjoy. In my creative process, I eliminate every imperfections you wouldn’t want to be seen and to do so, I use photos from different life periods.

Kamil Wójcik: I specialize in fantasy, fairy tale and animal themes in a style that resembles stained glass. I love glitter and the illusion it creates with different lighting - it looks as if the paintings are moving, like they’re alive.

Photographs of our paintings show only a glimpse of how they actually look like. Glitter art needs motion and light to fulfill its potential. To see our art in all of its glory check out our social media!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2menart/
YouTube channel:

Do you want a custom glitter painting? A portrait or a scene from a fantasy world? Let us know, we’ll work on it!

Contact: 2menart.contact@gmail.com

For an additional fee to your order, we’d like to offer a custom frame designed and made specifically for your painting by artists from Framing Studio Verso. They make sure that the painting and the frame create an integral work of art. Learn more:
Framing Studio Verso’s website: https://studiooprawy.pl/en/start
Framing Studio Verso’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXllonptYoD6fsq7Q0IbNA/videos