F. Kenneth Art

F. Kenneth Art


Highly inspired by his late father, also an amazing artist, F. Kenneth is a 3rd-generation artist primarily working with Acrylics and gravitates to creating original Landscape, Abstract, Portrait, and Cultural paintings.

F. Kenneth participated in the 2018 & 2019 ‘Let Them Eat Art Festival and the St. Louis African-American Arts Festival & Bizarre (ST. LAAAFAB). In 2019, he held his first Artist Exhibition and began accepting commissions. F. Kenneth's work has been featured in Urb Arts' 2019 "Abstract Pop-Up Exhibit" and the gallery's, 2021, "Balm" Exhibit. F. Kenneth is currently working towards becoming a FT self-employed artist, building his brand, obtaining a storefront studio and further honing his skills.

Bargain Crate (originals only)

Icons Series