Jeroen ter Welle

Visual artist. Born 1970, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Studied fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands ( with photography as specialism ). Works with pastel drawings, experimental film/video and sometimes photography. Short films were screened at festivals in: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chili, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Mexico the Netherlands, New-Zealand, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey, UK and USA.

With the pastel drawings I aim to create a world full of colour and fantasies. The work exists of two different series, one focussing on abstract portraits, the other one on abstract creatures. For these drawings I fins inspiration other artworks, my own fantasy, fiction films and sometimes literature and theatre plays.

My photographic work has a strong focus on landscape photography and contains mainly analogue works, or works that are partly analogue.