Jesus "Chuy"Garcia

Jesus "Chuy"Garcia

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is a native Texan, having lived in the Rio Grande Valley, and Central Texas. His interest in art began in early childhood, and by the age of eight, he began painting. He received his first complete art set on his 13th birthday from his grandparents, and the world of watercolors, acrylics, and oils opened up before him.
Chuy had a one man art show during his jr high school years, with his first major painting showcased in the principals office that year.
During his college years as a biology major and having visited Rancho del Cielo, a biological preserve in the mountains of NE Mexico, he created several works that captured the beauty of the cloud forest. He also helped create scientific illustrations of the ferns of the region for a master’s thesis.
Several of Chuy’s works have been displayed and sold throughout the years. His watercolor landscapes have been the most sought after creations. Until recently, his fern illustrations have not been available to the public.

Artist Statement
Since I was eight years old, my love of drawing, painting and simply creating new things has never diminished. Through the years my art has been influenced by life decisions and work. I’m not an artist by trade but motivated by an internal creative passion. Music and science have allowed me to create and design from a naturalistic perspective and discover patterns that bridge the inorganic and organic worlds around us.

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