Marina Berezina

Marina Berezina

All of us are only guests at this celebration of life. Our life is fast and fleeting, and only the brightest moments and impressions remain in its history. We are born, we grow up, we create a family, we raise and raise children, we work to have more opportunities, we create, we create and throughout the course of our life's journey we collect the most pleasant and bright events of our life into grains. In these grains is the meaning of our existence, our children will be guided by these grains, passing their life path, multiplying and expanding their impressions.

I am Marina Berezina and this site is a portal to my world.

I love to travel and draw in different parts of the world everything I like, especially what causes a storm of emotions. I am trying to preserve on the canvas those impressions that I received while at a certain time in my life in a certain place. Each of my work has its own story, which you can read with comments to each of the exhibited paintings.

I do not paint to order and do not do business in my work, but I don’t give my pictures for free, because what gets for nothing has no value and people treat it as something of little importance, and in fact every part of my painting is mine soul, my energy and vitality. The artist is not my profession, I am most likely a romantic and adventurer than a painter, but when I paint, time begins to go backwards, parting the horizons and dispersing the clouds ...