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W. R. Adams Fine Art


In honor of the holiday season, everything in my gallery, from prints to originals, has been marked from 10 to 20% off and there is free shipping on all originals. Sale will last until Jan. 5th. My warmest wishes to you and yours!

I am a self taught artist and I am very proud of that fact. For many years my focus was music and I was a professional musician for more than 28 of those years. I enjoyed the creative outlet that music gave me but I always felt like I was missing something. I had the desire to create art but I didn't have the education. In 1996, while I was expecting my son, I was near the end of my pregnancy which was a rather uncomfortable one. I was home with time on my hands and needed a distraction. I also, at the time, couldn't afford to go back to school, even if I wasn't getting ready for a little one. I decided to begin educating myself. I began by checking books out of the library that were about drawing in graphite and charcoal. Then, a couple of years later, I began to have a go at watercolor. For a time, I was intensely focused on my career in music and didn't have much time for art so I took a break from it. When I came back to it I picked up a new medium for me: soft pastels. Now my sole focus is my passion for this wonderful medium and sharing it with other people. I have developed my own, impressionistic style and deeply enjoy attempting to capture the likeness of mother nature in my work. Her forests, plains and skies enthrall me and I am continuously inspired by being outdoors in my neck of the woods. You will also find works that depict the many places I have lived and travelled to. I hope you enjoy my work. It is truly a privilege to have you wander into my little gallery on this particular, beautiful day. Thank you!

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