Walter Bruneel Art

Walter Bruneel Art

Born at an early age, as Groucho Marx used to say.
Fully digital painting as showcased.

-25 years of experience in healing and reading, advanced crystal healing, energy work at distance, working with the Light-LifeTools, Earth Healing, Advanced Timeline Work.
-the same 25 years of experience in art and graphics, cartooning, painting with traditional media in an untraditional way, creative sessions for companies, illustration and comics, custom artwork based on the wishes and desires of customers to manifest. Soul Portraits depicting the essence of someone , the artwork being a constant reminder and activator of that potential.

Teacher of Protection Techniques, Sigils and Glyphs, The Extended Violet Flame, Shamballa MDH Teacher, Teacher of The Tree of Life, Western Mystery Tradition.

Recently released "Portal Art", a Portfolio of 100 pieces of art, this edition with accompanying booklet with the ins-and-outs on the artwork, limited edition of 100 ex., handsigned, quality paper, 111 pages, hardcover.
Second edition available on demand.

At an exhibition in Brugge, Belgium, someone remarked I 'drew form out of light'. That’s true in a way as I always keep the focus on the light in my work, though there may be dark parts there for contrast and enhancement. Most of the time I start out with a dark background, add light and color and the form gradually grows out of this.

The artwork always grows in your mind’s eye, things you notice, little things that suddenly draw your attention, sometimes really in-your-face symbols and shapes suddenly jump out while you have been looking at the artwork for years without noticing - and thus is an accurate mirror reflecting your inner processes. The Soul Portraits I make are a visualization of a person’s highest potential and the frequencies he or she may need as a boost to achieve this. It assists, it’s not a necessity. But the artwork, it’s a lifelong companion if you like. You can not say "I am a healer" "I heal this person", you provide a space, an opportunity to get the self-healing mechanism rolling. Same with the artwork : if you allow interaction, it may cause you to do marvelous things. That you already have in you. The main message I want my artwork to radiate is : create your reality in connection with Source, keep a sense of wonder, and use your palette, evolve, grow, the essence of life is growth, as soon as a thing completely crystallizes (and I am not talking about crystals now because they are very much alive) it’s dead. Even the highest of consciousness in my opinion still keeps evolving. There is no ending. A change of form, or phase, or frequency, or perception, yes. Ongoing, everlasting, finding new ways of expression and learning from that, letting go, growing into new awareness. And that's what Art is about to me.



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