I like painting , i like music , i like photography, i like every kind pf art. From a small kid i loved painting and music most of all. I draw inspiration from everything, from nature , from feellings but most importantly i draw inspiration from music . Because music changes my mood and give me feellings from wich the inspiration muse comes. Painting is something more than a hobby for me, i put all my inner self in a painting. I think that painting is can relax someones soul and print his or her feellings on a piece of paper. I never use colours, just a single pen and a paper. Everythnig i draw is pure fantasy and most of the times i don't have an explaination about what i am painting. I hope you will have a look at my paintings and give me your opinions. It will be much appreciated . Thank you !!! :D

Mail me at : vasiliadis.d.d@outlook.com