Maria Tilvescu

Maria Tilvescu

I am a young and ambitious traditional and digital artist, with a background in Architecture. I am also currently attending courses for my PHD in architecture at the University of Architecture and Urban Design "Ion Mincu" from Bucharest. I am especially passionate about traditional art (pencil, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, oil) but I am also comfortable in the standard digital mediums: Adobe Photoshop, Auto CAD, Sketch UP. I have an eye for tattoo designs and the way the drawing flows on one's body. Also the Architecture experience has left me with a good understanding of composition, balance and proportions.

Art is the imitation of reality, through the filter of our own perception.

My art is not meant to be a copy of things that already "are" - but rather a form of therapy. Within the artist's psyche lives a collection of images, feelings and life lessons; all of which are sprung to life via canvas and paint. This process is therapeutic but also deeply social: it forms a bond between myself and those who find their own demons in my work, and that connection is unique and intimate. We may not speak the same language but through a simple image, we know we're on the same wavelength.
This is the function of art beyond that of representation - connecting souls.


2009-2015 University of Architecture and Urban Design „Ion Mincu”, Bucharest

2010-2015 University of Bucharest-Law School

2015-present PHD in Architecture- Memorial Architecture