Terry Restivo

Terry Restivo


My interest in art began in early childhood, in first grade actually. My father was an artist and one day I told him that my teacher was having a show and tell day and I asked if he would draw me a picture to take into class to show. I stood by his side watching as he drew this picture of horses running across the desert and so started my desire to be an artist just like him.

While in high school I won a poster contest that got the attention of the local news stations. I was invited to appear on a Washington DC TV station to discuss my artwork and then was contacted by the Baltimore Sun Papers to do an interview of my work. They published several pages about my art career I was pursuing and this of course got me more exposure for contracted artwork. Throughout my career I have won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows from Maryland to Florida. Then after college I entered further into the commercial art field to support my family and since 1989 I have run a graphic arts business.

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the variety and beauty found in nature around us! God certainly has a creative mind ! A person can spend a life time and never come close to capturing the beauty and tranquility found in the natural world. I feel blessed to have a life that has given me the privileged to share some of what I have seen with others.

Photography, Drawings & Paintings