Sindre Ekrheim Mosand

Sindre Ekrheim Mosand

Born i Trondheim, Norway 1989.

Educated in Film Science from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 2009 - 13.
The European Film College. 2008 - 09.
Upper Secondary School. Art Study. 2005 - 08.

I am interested in both Film and Painting. My pictures are often inspired by movies and music. I am also fascinated by the sea, nature, boats, ships and history. My interests reflects on my art works.

I have recently started a project about Norwegian maritime history. I call it "Norwegian maritime history; an odyssey". The reason I call it an odyssey is because I am going to paint boats and ships for a long time. Norwegians have a long history and a culture that is related to the sea. My project already gets some attention and sales. Please contact me if you are interested.

Many of my sales are from costumers that have a specific boat or a ship with a special history they want me to paint. I can use a picture and copy the ship/boat on to a canvas and make a painting that has the expression the costumer wishes for. I work very good with costumers and often we find out together what expression, motion, color and composition that is in mind.

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You can also find me on Instagram: semkunst

Norwegian maritime history