Canvas Prints Quality With Dye Sublimation

With the perfect likeness and vibrant photographic reproduction, your digital print will receive the quality of print you deserve. And the finish to the sides and corners of the canvas means that the frame will not crack, tear, or split – even after many years of use. We use woven canvas and the image is fused using dye sublimation into the fibres of the canvas textile. That's why we give a lifetime guarantee.

Wedges Are Important For High Calibre Canvas

The canvas have 8 wedges for each canvas (many other companies will tell you that 4 is enough, but it really isn’t) and FSC stretcher bars. A rigid, robust stretched canvas print will give you peace of mind.

Hand Build Quality Canvas

The superb reproduction is of such a high standard. Unlike many other canvas companies, this image is printed onto real woven canvas, a heavy canvas stock. The dye used is sublimation printing, which provides a deep and rich print. When it’s a case of your most precious photos, the ones you never want to forget,

Two Panel Canvas Split

Make something different with a diptych; one image split into two parts and turned into two canvas panels side by side. This is a creative use of images and always looks interesting.

When you mount or install them you can slightly separate them with a slim gap. Whatever way you decide to go, the end result is a very pleasing art piece on the wall.

Two Part Split Is Better Than One

This eye-catching and thought provoking aspect of the diptych makes these installations different and interesting.

feb 2017

January 2017














Spiral out of control

Into the abyss

Summer star burst abstract 2015

Spring photography 2015

Spring star burst abstract 2015

Ink colour picture 2015

Spring star burst abstract 2015

Summer Abstract fractal art 2015

Spring Abstract fractal art 2015