Michele Petrelli Painter

Michele Petrelli Painter


Italian Artist, illustrator, creative worked from 20 years, painting enthusiast since a young boy. He took a degree at the artistic education highschool. In 1991 Michele left his university studies and he had a strong breakdown. He leaves the blackest darkness of the mind, with the help of his family and two dear friends. In 1999 he gets the title of scenography technician.
During the first part of his life he did not have much painting. He drew horrible figures that seem to come from his emotional states. they were monochromatic designs with a strong black presence.
Petrelli was not peaceful and that you could see from his life that was quite messy. For ten years, Petrelli lives happily with his partner away from the city. He has painted a lot in these years.
He's devoted a personal, "bright" neo-impressionism.
Michele Petrelli describes the modern world through splashes of colour, accurately matched following the nature of colour itself, which settles on objects and reflexes itself through ambiance following the physical laws of light, observing matter in analytic way, but also trascending and abstract it with a personal taste, mere realism.
He loves drawing his illustrations, portraits, graphic novels, etc. with pencil or with traditional techniques. He prefers oil, watercolors or acrylics.

His paintings are exhibited in many Italian and international galleries.

My site: www.michelepetrelli.it
facebook fan: https://www.facebook.com/petrelli.art.and.design
twitter: https://twitter.com/michelepetrelli

2016 Art project 35×35 Publication and permanent collection of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum - Athens, Greece | 25.04.2015 Welcome Home Exhibition curated by Roberto Lacarbonara Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy | 13.12.2014 Il Segno Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy | 21.04.2014 Sæsonåbning, udpluk af udstillingen Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark | 09.11.2013 Exhibition curated by Kim Bernhard Tornby Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark | 23.03.2013 “Save the Beauty” curated by Ilaria Miccoli Co.61, via Paritario 61 Grottaglie – Taranto | 01.09.2012 AR[t]CEVIA – International Art Festival curated by Laura Coppa Palazzo dei Priori, Corso Mazzini – 60011 Arcevia – Ancona | 04.11.2011 “Tutto Quadra” Collective art show curated by Ilaria Miccoli Tavlì Cafè – Strada Angiola 23/a – Bari | 06.08.2011 Startup SpazioTempo curated by Roberto Ronca Castello di Acaya – Lecce | 03.08.2011 Urbane Con-Fusioni Contemporary Art Show curated by Ilaria Miccoli Cantiere Maggese – Taranto | 11.12.2010 Casarita “Art for pleasure” curated by Luigi Amati Via Berardi 81/83 Taranto | 19.11.2010 “Le Visioni” – Literary Cafe Via Ostiense, 95 Roma curated by Vincenzo Pultrone | Wine Art Gallery “Opere Vive” Via di Palma, 118 Taranto | 12.10.2010 Adhara Exposition “Opere Vive” Via Giacomo Leopardi Crispiano (Ta) | 23.08.2010 Gabbiano Exposition “Opere Vive” Viale dei Micenei, 65 Taranto | 04.08.2010 Gabba Gabba Exibition “Vitty’s Party” Via Tre Fontane, 8 Taranto | 10.10.2007 Event – exhibition “Pontile Lamezie Terme – nuova ipotesi" Lamezia Terme | 23.11.2007 Finalist of the international contest “BrainProject.eu – Attraction” Trieste

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