My name is Hope. I was born in San Antonio Tx. My mother was still a kid herself when she had me so I was very independent as a child. At the age of 12 was when my aunt got custody of me and my siblings. I went from being independent to being able to be a child. So I grew up backwards you could say.

I've always loved to draw. Around 5th grade was the time when I really got into anime. I was already into pokemon, sailor moon, and dbz but 5th grade was the point in my life when I was surrounded by friends who helped me improve my drawings and got me interested in other animes. Plus I started reading manga and that's where my true love of anime, and manga started. Maybe there's something deeper to it. Maybe it's the fine line between being a child and an adult. Like I said I grew up backwards and my aunt was very overprotective. So I didn't get out much, but being able to draw was an escape. It sets me free from the world. I make the rules. I can create a world away from all the fears of both the world's I grew up in, one me fending for myself and the other, me being caged away from the world because someone is afraid of it.

I mainly like to draw people. I love the ideas you get from looking at them and imagining what the story could be behind them. I used to flip through my sketch pad and make up stories in my mind for each drawing. The beauty of it is that the story can be whatever you want it to be, so anyone can relate to them.

I also added some photography in too, just because I like taking pictures.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy my gallery. Check back when you can I'm usually working on something. So I'm always adding more. If you like what you see please share.