Le Aly di Lia di Donatella Marraoni

Le Aly di Lia di Donatella Marraoni


Donatella Marraoni began her magnificent art journey in '95, when she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, Italy graduating in '98 with first class honors. In this same year she relocated to England where she lived for 5 years.

It was during her stay in England that Donatella’s artistic expression was greatly influenced. She moved back to Italy and continued her work for many years in the commercial business sector until 2012, when she left everything and devoted herself full-time to painting.

The woman is the essential subject and all the situations surrounding her are protagonist scenes of love, passion, pain, desire and sometimes perversion. Donatella’s paintings are born out of chaos and characterized by strong, scratchy lines. The media she uses are extremely varied: oil, acrylic, ink, glass, pigments, cement and coffee.

Curriculum vitae

Year 1996/97: Active collaboration work in the staging of the Forma Urbis exhibition as part of the Gubbio Biennial, February 1997.
April 1997: Collective exhibition of engraving at the Atelier Art Gallery Perugia, April 1997 Collective exhibition "Che c'è" at the Atelier Art Gallery Perugia.
September 1997: Degree in Fine Arts, received September 23, 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts, "Pietro Vannucci", Perugia with a score of 110/110 with honors. Art history thesis titled "Matter of Light in the Twentieth Century." Examined by Professor Bruno Corà.
August 1998: author of the work chosen to represent the exhibition "Vinarelli '98" bill board on the fifteenth edition of Pro Loco Torgiano.

Recent events:

from July 12th to August 1st: Meetings and visions - Collective exhibition Spoleto Gallery Walter Tobagi - International Association for the Arts.

from September 6th to September 26th: Art Without Borders - Collective exhibition, Spoleto Gallery, via Walter Tobagi.

from October 4th to October 26th: Notre Art de Turin - Collective exhibition at The Evening Over Hall in Via Sabaudia, Turin.

from October 1st to October 30th: Visions of coffee - Personal - exhibition at Merchants , Foligno .

from November 30th to December 8th: Florence Biennale , " Ethics DNA of Art ."

from December 6th to December 21st: "The path of the Goddess " - Collective - international exhibition of contemporary art from Latin Teatro d'Annunzio .

December 8th: Save the Children - Charity Auction , Bologna.

Agenda 2014:

from 9th December 2013 to 11th January 2014: "Arte per la ricerca FiorGen IX Ed. 2013." - Florence Archeological Museum, Florence, Italy.

from 11th January 2014 – Charity Auction "FiorGen": Title of piece: “Sometimes it seems so difficult”.

from 12th February to 6th March 2014 – Collective – Russia at the Zelenograd Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

from 16th February to 22nd February 2014: “ArteINsanremo” – Collective – "Sanremo Arte 2000", Sanremo, Italy.

February: International Auction "Caput Mundi", Rome, Italy.

from 24th to 27th February 2014 – Collective – “In Fieri” – Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy.

from 13th March to 6th April 2014 - Collective - “Na Kascirche” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

from 17th to 23rd March – Collective – Eliseo Theatre, Rome Italy.

from 26th March to 9th April - Collective - Domus Talenti – Rome.

from 11th to 15th April – Collective – Piazza del Popolo,(Agostiniana), Roma, Italy.

from 29th April to 4th May - Collective - "Teatro Nuovo" Milan, Italy.

from 4th to 11th May - Collective - "il Castel Belgioioso", Pavia.

5th June - EUREKA PRIZE 6th edition - at 18.30 - Via Tomacelli, 23 - Rome, Italy

16th June - CONVIVIUM DIOSCURI AL QUIRINALE - at 18.30 - Via Piacenza, 1 - Roma, Italy

End of June - Exhibition at the Scuderia della Villa di Borromeo at Arcore (MB), Italy

July - "International Art Show City of Gubbio 2014" - Gubbio (PG), Italy.