Hi, I'm Lana

My way to an art was so long...
When I was a child, everybody told me what I'm very talented girl... I can be who I want to... there is only one thing what is not mine - drawing.
I've been growing with this mind: “Can do everything, exept an art.”

But I dreamed. All the time. Looking at an art, feeling an art, dreaming about art... and, one day, I've tryed.
And result was exciting! And it was liked not only me, my husband and my mom :-)

Then I started studing. I did it all the time several years.

I still study and I still not very good in drawing...
But I'm really good in Photoshop!
And I'm brave enough to start a new career in my 45th.

Art is my passion, my essence of life.
I hope, you'll enjoy my pictures.

Lana Samoilova
digital artist

One third

Better mountains may be just the sea