Paintings by Keilie Ross

Paintings by Keilie Ross

Keilie is a young and very talented artist who aspires to one day own a business commissioning and selling paintings. She is versatile in her talents, having started drawing at age eight, she now enjoys painting in watercolors, oils and mostly acrylics. She prefers stretch canvas but is willing to paint on almost anything.

She has had several creative classes ranging from Theatrical Make-up and Theatre to Intro to painting with Acrylics and Intro to Watercolor. [Watercolor Beauty was among the first watercolor paintings she has created, so you can see for yourself, she is talented!]

Artist Exclamation: Here is a variety of my best paintings. I have my entire gallery on <>. Feel free to check it out, like and share! And email me if you are interested in a commissioned piece tailored to your specific likes and interests! I have had several ideas come in from friends and family that strike my creative "funny bone" and I can't wait to paint yours! or shoot me a message on Facebook. :)

I now have Instagram!! follow me @aeriseta :)