Kevin Nunn's Oil paintings

Kevin Nunn's Oil paintings

Hi. my name is Kevin Nunn. I am married to my wife Alexandria and we have 1 child named Kevin. We also have our sweet pets,. Jasper a Shih-tzu and Tiny and Bubbles our two cats. We live in Tennessee. There is no other escape for me like painting! I hope to become a full time Artist soon. I could paint 7 days a week, This is my dream and goal!

I taught my self how to paint by watching the great Bob Ross on PBS. If it weren't for him I would never have picked up a brush. I suppose I've painted well over 100 paintings. I get lost when I paint like I'm in another dimension! Sometimes I paint for hours before I know what's going on. The time passes so fast , then I know I'm in the zone at that time. The creative process comes to life as the paint hits the canvas. It's so fun to paint! I hope you like my paintings and if nothing just enjoy looking at them. I am currently looking to get in to licensing my work but I have a lot to learn about that. So for now I'll leave this short. In the meantime please check out my art and hopefully enjoy what you see....

I am a self taught artist. When I was a boy I knew I wanted to become an Artist. I use to draw a lot in school . My 5th grade art teacher told me I would be an artist one day. I'm so glad she told me that because It made me feel I could belong somewhere. I love to paint, it relaxes me and it's fun! If I didn't have fun painting I wouldn't do it, why would you. I took an art course through North Light Art School and learned my first detailed information about painting and drawing. They taught me a lot about perspective, form, color, shading, materials, etc. I owe a lot to them because they taught me the fundamentals of art. Their course was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot more by reading books about art and practicing my painting. You learn so much just by painting! Things you didn't think you could ever do. I hope to further my career as an Artist as much as possible. Check out my facebook page.

Thank you to all of you that believe in me! My passion for painting is what I live for. Painting is a comfort to my mind and soul.