Kenvyn H. N. Williams

I am relatively new to painting creating my first in 2012. I have drawn before this using graphite, coloured pencil and charcoal. A few drawing examples are posted here.
I bought a small set of acrylic paints in 2012 and give it a try. Landscapes, buildings and also portraits (not to bad), there are none here though as I am unsure if there are copyright issues for celebrity portraits. I paint and draw in the traditional realistic style. Sometimes this takes time to get detail correct, hence I use acrylic paint, easier to correct mistakes, which if not put right would be obvious to the viewer in this style of art. Because they take time to complete I work mostly from my own photographs and sketches at home.
Living in Wales, United Kingdom my paintings are of that country with a few others from places I have visited. I hope to expand in the future with other locations.
No exhibitions or artistic qualifications I`m afraid, I just enjoy the creative process, it gives me a lot of pleasure and relaxation.

My paintings are signed Ken Williams.

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Acrylic Paintings