Karl Johansson

Karl Johansson


Painting is an intense form of meditation; it's a release, a reboot, I lose myself in it and just let the creative process lead me in whatever direction it chooses to go. Sometimes it turns out fine, sometimes bad and some rare times it's a complete surprise.

I just started painting in the summer of 2015 as a way of expressing myself. I found it to be a great escape and release and it really has changed the way I approach my everyday life. I am fascinated with colors, by how they mix and interact and the emotions they can evoke. Many of my paintings are just me going crazy on paper or canvas, letting the brush move in any direction it needs to go and trying to get the colors to mix into something sexy or fresh or calming or dramatic.

I also love photography and I found that the best way to highlight my work and to express myself is to combine these artforms. To create these images I have photographed all of or parts of my paintings. I try to find movement or drama in the images and I hope that you can see that too.

I live in Sweden and what inspires me here is often the boredom and frustration I feel in a very non-expressive, non-creative society. I find great inspiration and motivation in travel and I especially love California. The freedom of expression, the kind people, the climate and the views has had a great impact on me and has led me to pursue my own path. And here's part of that journey on display!


Drip painting