Juhan Rodrik

Juhan Rodrik


I am an artist and I believe in happy vibrant paintings that energize the room and have positive impact on the person who looking it - this is the kind of paintings I like to do. Mostly I do paintings with traditional media as oils and acrylics and little bit digital artworks too. I have been painting for about ten years an I have also studied Fine arts in Estonian Academy of Arts. Art has always been passion for me an I have learned about it as much as I could and still learn something new every day. I have been drawing and painting since my childhood and now I do it more than ever. I have dream to paint the grey everyday into something brighter :) as mentioned in the beginning. Paint in for me is a way to relax and get away into the fantasy world of mine which differs every time. I have many different fields of interest and so has my art many forms. I grew up in a farm where were animals and I did farming works what ever was necessary. That is still my interest to make animal paintings and time to time I go work in some nearby farms or stables in order to get that feel for the farming stuff. Also I am interested in boating that I have studied. In my teens I was interested in amateur astronomy that I still do time to time.

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