O'Rear Art

O'Rear Art


Jo Ann O'Rear is a fingers-on-paint artist. She uses an 'Objectivist Poet's' approach to her work, making her subject paramount in the painting.

Trusting where her fingers take her - touch being the closest she can come to feeling the subject as she paints - she follows her instincts as she paints. The process becomes one of allowing as much as creating.

The subject and her love for it is the main purpose of her work.

The immediacy of painting with her fingers makes the subject more exciting. Free and loose lines are sometimes exaggerated, sometimes non-literal, that combined with her passion, make the subject appear more real than a literal interpretation. Others call her work abstract realism. She prefers the term 'emotional realism' to describe her work.

The point is for the subject to still the busyness of our environment; it is a reaction to the internet/information age. This disruption grounds the viewer in place, providing a transformative experience. Diane Arbus's "In-Your-Face" art is an influence.