Janay Clare Designs

Janay Clare Designs


Butterfly Picture Collage

Morning Sunrise Collage

Butterfly Collage (Reversed)



Hummingbird - Flower

Butterfly Glory (Signed)

Hummingbirds in the Rain

Roses in my Garden

Hummingbird - Flowers


Rainbow Butterfly

Russian Blue Kitty (Heart)

Butterfly Glory (Pink)

Clouds in the Northern Sky

Sunrise over the Trees

Butterfly Glory (Blue)

Born Free

Tribal Leader Watercolor

Blue Gaze Collage

Fountain Waters


The Lake

Love Birds

Blue Butterfly (Signed)

Butterfly Koi

Butterfly Collage

Sunset at the Lake

Red Roses

Glitter Butterfly

Blue Bird in Garden

Cherry Blossom Tree

Blue Jays & Butterflies

Gliding in the Wind

Blue Sky Rose

Tea Garden Flowers

Yellow & Pink Rose

Michael's Flowers

Little White Flower