Ideccor Studio

Ideccor Studio

Iwona is a painter and founder of the fine art and design company, Ideccor. She received a BA in Management & Marketing from The School of Banking and Management in Kraków (2003) and an MA in International Relations from Kraków University of Economics (2006). Born into a family of artists (her father played acoustic guitar in a band; her mother was a ballerina), Iwona discovered her love of creative expression at a young age.

While still in Poland, she participated in many art competitions, her favorite being “Sights of Kraków.” Since moving to Chicago, she has worked tirelessly to develop her artistic talents. For Iwona, art can be a means of touching others, of serving the community. Last year, she auctioned off her paintings at a fundraiser for Alexandra Blaszczuk (a young woman suffering paralysis after a car accident) as well as at a breast cancer fundraiser and other charities.

Most recently, she was a curator at the “Non–GMO Gala” in Chicago—an art and fashion event that aims to raise awareness about the perceived dangers of genetically modified foods. There she also presented three original paintings titled, “King of the Future,” “Crazy Fruit,” and “Modification”. She also showed her artwork at the Vintuition Gallery and The Fourth Annual Talent Competition hosted by F.A.M.E at the Merit School of Music in Chicago.

Iwona’s painting style is eclectic; some works are Abstract, Neo-Expressionist, others Impressionistic or spiritual . She draws her inspiration from various visual stimuli in addition to assimilating the techniques of the great painters of the past, namely Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and one of the principal representatives of fantastic realism, Wojciech Siudmak.