Kenneth Clarke Artist.

Kenneth Clarke Artist.

I am a self taught artist from Tyneside England. I first started with art making small clay sculptures to relax from a busy lifestyle competing in sport and running a successful gym. After winning the British Championships and a Mr Universe tittle in 2007 I decided to retire to a slower pace of life. My interest in art helped to fill the void I felt after leaving the sport of bodybuilding. So I focused intensely on developing my own unique style. Often my artworks feature figurative and abstract elements combined with a fantasy theme. A lot of energy goes into my art and it shows in the finished paintings. A sense of drama and intensity comes to mind when looking at my larger images. My other drawings are soft gentle and erotic to celebrate the beauty of the female form. I paint with bright vibrant colours and my imagination to create images that draw the viewer to take a closer look. Art is my release from daily life. Art gives me the opportunity to express my feelings from past or present. I have been an artist all my life really. I spent twenty years sculpting my own body into a herculean physique. My background in bodybuilding influencing my interest in figurative art. Music is a great motivation and influence too. Music is a great inspiration to lots of things including my art. Some of my paintings feature a musical theme like a ballerina or musical notation.Recently I have been creating some new sculptures , geometric abstract paintings and fossil shell images. Also I have developed a unique style of impasto underpainting with acrylic overpainting. These images feature fluid flowing texture with striking vibrant colour.Recently I have been creating some new sculptures that have sold instantly. A series of dramatic sunset painting is in the process of being completed soon. It took a lot of courage for me to go from the strength and power of bodybuilding to the softer, gentle world of art. Strength and energy I now freely express in my art instead of the gym. I am happier now holding a pencil or brush now as opposed to bars or dumbbells.
Kenneth Clarke.

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