House of Hebron

House of Hebron

Within a few brief years Hebron Chism has established himself as a talented and well-respected artist. His work has delighted countless collectors. An experimental artist exploring many mediums. Painting, sculpture digital photography and mixed media. Hebron is fascinated with all aspects of human civilization, heavily influenced by: futuristic themes, ancient cultures and myths. His series of paintings entitled "Angel Swarm", although contemporary with a futuristic flare, tends to remind the viewer of a time when mythical creatures roamed the earth. While the metal sculpture series “Arab Spring”, which was based on events of the time, harkens back further to works of ancient times. Whatever the subject He uses to execute his ideas (stone, wood, metal, clay, mixed media or on canvas) the texture, intense colors, powerful emotion and unusual, nonlinear perspectives are what define Hebron’s work. Now Hebron is making prints available from several of paintings and digital collages.

Angel Swarm


The Rhythm

Blue Note