Holly Liu Fine Art

Holly Liu Fine Art



Holly Liu paints in a unique impressionistic style that conveys a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Born and raised in northern China, Holly showed an aptitude for art from an early age. Her family lived in a medium sized town in Shandong Province when she was in elementary school. “During the long summer days, I would spend the time after school sketching in our front yard,” Liu reminisces. “My initial interests were figures in comic books, as those books provided an ample supply of interesting characters.”

During her first year in junior high, her family moved further north to HeBei Province, away from old friends, and she devoted more time sketching on weekends and practicing drawing after illustrations in foreign novels. It was at that time that a seed of living as an artist was planted in her heart. “One Saturday morning,” Liu stated, “I began drawing my hand, without noticing that lunch time had long passed by the time it was completed. It was such a peaceful time that made me desire to live as an artist.”

Holly later excelled in school and went to study economics at UC Davis. After graduating from UC Davis, she started painting seven years ago to fulfill the dream she had as a teenager. While continuing seeking art education through classes and workshops, Holly also teaches oil painting classes and enjoy sharing with avid art lovers.

Holly’s most recent series is based on observations of lily ponds in her hometown which is about two hours by high speed train from Beijing. These paintings reveal a great deal about the environment she grew up in. The impressionistic style and the poetic colors are largely influenced by Monet. Whether it is in early morning, at twilight, or on a clear breezy day, each painting vibrates with light and color. Holly paints on site, where possible, or takes a photo and finishes her work in the studio. Her favorite medium is oil for its rich texture. “For me art is about constantly seeking freedom in expression that truly reflect who the artist is. I love creating art that brings peace and joy to people.” says Liu.

Water Lilies