Heather M. Welch Art

Heather M. Welch Art


I have had an interest in art for many years. Until this point in my life my artwork has only been shared with my family and friends.

I am influenced by my 7 children and fiance. My family has inspired me to go above and beyond my norm. For me this means putting my art out there for the world.

Luis Royo and Victoria Frances are two well-known artists that have an impact on some of my art. Although my artwork doesn't resemble either of them exactly, I greatly admire their art. I admire both for their ability to capture people, fantasy realms and mythical creatures/beings and making them beautiful. Mostly the reason for my sketching leaning towards woman and fairies. 

Digital Art, Painting, Poetry, and Sketching are things that I choose to put my emotions into. I am hoping that my art will inspire others to put their emotions into their artwork.

**All artwork in my digital art, gallery, painting, photography, poetry, and words sections are 100% mine.



Digital Art