Grandslam Fish Art Studio

Grandslam Fish Art Studio

First off I would like to answer my most frequently asked question:
Yes my wood art work can hang outside. The wood has been sealed with an exterior paint and then art work sprayed with a clear gloss lacquer protective finish. Thank you for viewing, now about me.

Jennifer Rogers
I was born and raised in Wisconsin. My mother is an artist and was my grade school art teacher. My grandfather also an artist and a graphic designer during his career. So art runs in the family. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After graduating college, I took on some great jobs first as a store-front display merchandiser, then a perspective artist, drawing the floorplans of kitchens into reality (before computers did this for you). I also worked for numerous newspaper companies as an advertising layout designer. But, what I really loved to do happened after I moved to Florida and I lived on a boat for many years. I would paint the anchorages I stayed in, the fishing spots I would go to and the fish I caught. I would collect found objects, shells, driftwood and fallen palm fronds and create all kinds of “florida” folk art that I would sell or trade off the back of my boat.
Then, I built a boat and was introduced to wood and power tools, and this brought about a new style and direction in my artwork. A few hurricanes later I landed in South Carolina. My watercolor fish now turned into wood cut fish, that I embellished with collected recycled can lids. I created Reform Art and worked the festival circuit in South Carolina making a name for myself, with my “can-lid fish”. There is a large school of my fish prominently displayed at the Flying Fish restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, SC. However, I do have a wandering soul and Florida is my home again, this time in a 40ft RV. I am thrilled to have a studio space again (the mobile tent out back) and am enjoying the new direction my art is taking this time around or as I like to look at it, this chapter of my life.

Acrylic Painted Wood and Metal

Painted Palm Frond tiki masks

Horseshoe Crab Creations