Gerry Miller

Gerry Miller

Although already an artist in my youth it wasn't until later that I decided to pursue it for real.

In the early 80s whilst living in Edinburgh I had just about given up on my art career .Due to a messed up schooling in an authorotative old-style school in an British colony of Africa called Rhodesia.I was never going to qualify for any Art College.

So I made a wild decision to head off to the Greek islands and start a new life, perhaps as a modern-day Crusoe.

After 3 days in a makeshift tent with a Scottish alcoholic on an isolated beach I gave up on the Crusoe idea, but I wanted to stay away from Thatcher's Britain as long as possible.

Two years of sun, sea, sand and being betrayed twice by my then girlfriend followed, and I eventually decided to head off for home with an English street magician I met on Crete. It seems like the break-up with my girlfriend and an incident with the local police were the catalysts for my epiphany; I realised that my purpose is to do art, to bring others joy with my creativity.

I made it back to Scotland hitch-hiking and financing my journey with street portraits. Then
became a full-time portrait artist, did some life drawing classes at St Martins School of Art and learned other stuff from professional artists, and art courses. Since then I have never looked back.

I like to paint people and their unfathomable being and this is why portraiture has been my dominant theme.
Landscapes offer me a chance to recreate beautiful vast interesting spaces with an accent on perspective and lively atmospheres.
The theme of motion itself is a major component of my work which I explore mostly in my ongoing series of dance paintings.
But the limitless range of artistic techniques fascinates me and keeps me moving forward. My art is constantly changing, mobile, and perhaps hard to pin down.
My technical versatility allows me to do my paintings with various techniques.
Some say my portraits and figure studies have an inner life, that my landscapes are lively and inviting and that my art has a “lightness” about it, a certain “ease”.There was a film, the unbearable lightness of being…