Expressly Crude Gallery

Welcome. My work is a cobbling-together of experiences that were both had and missed, opportunities that I've realized and those I've squandered as well as a few regrets picked up, considered, and then put down - in short, all the trappings of a life that is still being lived. Into this mish-mash, I add colors (sometimes corresponding, sometimes contradictory), the occasional shape/form and a flood of slowly unfolded textures all of which I hope combine with the emotional seed of the work to inform and enhance the overall narrative I hope to put out into the world.

I opt for smaller works because I find they allow me to make concise and somewhat complete/coherent statements that represent how I am feeling when I sit down to begin the creative process on any given day. Each piece therefore is a physically represented moment in my emotional state at a given point in my life. I'm usually unable to return and revisit a given piece unless I am feeling a similar emotional state as when I started it. Thus, despite their size, some pieces take 2 days, some take 2 months; others will never be completed in any real sense. Common themes I frequently peel back to and explore are wanderlust, nostalgia, fragility, hope, melancholy, wistfulness, and, occasionally, a connectedness to the world outside my head and heart.

In terms of materials, I usually begin with a monoprinted acrylic base which I then add layers to using markers, wax crayons, inks and pencils, typically though not exclusively through a variety of stencils (both commercially available as well as those I've handcut). I also collage when an opportunity for dimension presents itself. I rely heavily on found materials for incorporation into pieces, whether as conduits for a unique texture or effect or as part of the final pieces themselves. I use a variety of papers to create pieces - from cardstock and copy paper to pages torn from junk mail, atlases from times gone by and books found in garage sales, library book sales and garbage cans. I am constantly on the lookout for anything that can make a statement (either whole or in some repurposed form). Like emotions in our lives, some techniques are used sparingly while others appear and reappear repeatedly, sometimes in a similar format and others in drastically altered presentations.

I don't want this to be easy. No journey worth taking ever is.