Earline E. Alston

Earline E. Alston


I discovered art for the first time after I had a stroke and brain surgery in Jan. 2014. Today, I paint landscape impressionistic art which is influenced by the Pacific Northwest where I live in Seattle, Washington.

I use a combination of mixed media including: acrylic, chalk pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, and ink. I use a meditative art process that involves letting go control over the painting’s outcome. This allows my creative spirit to flow freely. In order to maintain this meditative state, I try to limit the amount of time that I study
my painting before it is completed. By using this approach, I am always surprised to discover what I have created! I review my finished paintings from different positions to discover new perspectives. Months later, my interpretation of a painting will change as I grow in self-awareness.

In June 2015 one of my paintings received an honorable mention award at the Shoreline, Washington's Community Art Festival, just four months after I began painting!

Spirit in Nature art collection exhibit history:

Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, October thru December 31, 2016

Northwest African-American Museum (NAAM), Seattle, Washington, June 2016.

Spirit in Nature