Denise Fletcher

Denise Fletcher

I started painting and drawing as a child, took art classes all the way through High School. Went on to college in my 30's and continued to take classes. Have taken private lessons from other artist's off and on, thru the years. Now my favorite teachers are on YouTube, when in doubt, I look it up and watch many videos until I get the inspiration to get busy and paint, all hours of the day or night. I haven't won any awards, just never interested me in being competitive in that way. I paint because it makes me feel good, very relaxing. Otherwise, I just love to create eye candy.

I have donated my work to organizations, to be auctioned, to help raise money: Abuse center in Kentucky, Habitat for Humanity, Small Minority Business Owners, My ex-husband in divorce wanted some of my paintings (I let him have them, I didn't charge him).

I just started painting again in June 2015, after 20 plus years of not holding a brush. I had to go on disability in 2014 because of Fibromyalgia illness. I did work 43 years, though, so life kept me busy taking care of others. The thing about painting is I can do it when I feel good, and when fibromyalgia rears its ugly head my canvas's and paint brushes wait for me. A job won't.


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