My name is John Eastman. I grew up in the country as a kid enjoying family life on a farm in Ontario. Being a teenager was at times unbearable and frustrating, so I would escape to the back roads and climb trees after school and chores. Sunlight played on shadows and the sweet smells of summer grasses and apple blossoms hightened my spirits. I enjoyed making drawings in my sketchbook of all the wonders I saw around me, trying to capture it all, arrest life the best I could. Today I look back and Wonder why I was drawing so much. I think it was because I was attempting to drawing honestly, the best I could, the life around me. And to own something which was a testimony of my gratitude for nature. Part of me feared that one day I would be far from these places and I would somehow be separate from them. So I drew mostly everyday.
Of course, life moves in and pushes us off into new directions. Even so,the flame and passion for the beauty of line, form, atmosphere, colours, patterns and variations remained and are as fascinating to me today as they were back on the farm growing up. In college I craved art class, there never seemed to be enough time to complete the work I had started. I enrolled in a summer class to learn 35mm black and white photography. Later, I was introduced to a Super 8 camera. I played around with stop motion and claymation for a while. . Finally, I went home and set out to draw a sequence of 300 index cards. Each frame meticulously drawn with coloured pencils and markers. I photographed them with the Super 8 and made a short film. It was a grand achievement. When I saw my film flickering on the screen in all its glory, I realized it was pure magic! My friends had encouraged me to make more of them. At age 16, I knew without a doubt, that I had discovered something grandiose and I thank that Super 8 camera for that. And out of that experience came an important lesson -- that all of us have an unlimited potential within us. One powerful and meaningful event can set us free. We are all possibility. Seize the day.

I have a diploma in film and animation including special effects techniques. I have always been passionate about traditional hand-drawn cartoon animation. Here's a link to my most recent animated cartoon. This is a funny one minute cartoon about a puppy and his ball.
You can view Puppy's Prize below. Enjoy!

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Puppys Prize Animation