The Crystal Deities-Real Nature Spirits in Crystal

The Crystal Deities-Real Nature Spirits in Crystal

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The Crystal Deities are a rare and extraordinary collection of photographs that reveal actual healing deities or nature spirits within special selected crystals

The photographs are real glimpses into secret crystalline worlds. Gazing deeply into a portrait of a crystal deity on your wall is a welcome, constant reminder that magic is real!.
To be in the special company of a crystal deity is to receive the healing energies they transmit, strengthening our own connection to nature’s magic.. this is why they came.

The crystals in which Crystal Deities have appeared were first photographed by the artist Lindsay Fairbairn and were carefully selected and confirmed by DR E. Gillingham, PhD an internationally respected energy healer and creator of The Karmic Breakthrough.
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Fine artist and Crystal Deities photographer Lindsay Spencer Fairbairn, son of the architect and artist Douglas Spencer Fairbairn, was born in Hampstead, London, England. He comes from a self-taught background as a master painter and is now a Gallery represented artist based in Cornwall. His art is in small private, friends & family collections in the UK, Spain, Florida, Jordan and Dubai.

In their individual unique visions, Estelle and Lindsay seek to reveal the hidden worlds and different levels of consciousness that lie beneath the surface of natural phenomena such as crystals.
When you browse the amazing photographs in the Crystal-Deities Gallery you are invited to view the individual youtube videos for each deity, the links are at the end of the descriptions, please enjoy!

The Crystal Deities Collection