Pendleton Creations

Pendleton Creations

I am an abstract painter, creating works on Plexiglass panels. The technique I use is referred to as Verre Glomis/ Reverse Glass painting. My work has no references to relative scale and the results appear macroscopic or microscopic as the viewer is likely to recognize a condensed world of amoeba-like forms jockeying for position or, conversely, a meteoric streak across a cosmic void lit by literally thousands of points of light.

Although, at first, my work may seem spontaneous and gestural, both the surface preparation and the process I have devised are quite involved; consequently, I see my role in my own paintings as both that of active participant and passive observer. For instance, I prefer to react to what is unfolding in 'real time' and I have always recognized this impulse as very much related to the play of childhood, as well as to the kind of conceptual freedom seen in the mature work of Jackson Pollack where certain initial decisions are made re: color and scale and speed, for instance, but in which forces of gravity, inertia, and splatter, among others, assert themselves.

This interplay between results which are directed and those which are intuitive and accidental is what I am after. I see it as an expression of the way in which we live our lives as we plan/initiate and then find ourselves surprised or even marginalized by results we could not have anticipated.

Of course, we live more than ever in an age of Synthesis, a Synthesis which never fails to inspire. Very much influenced by graffiti's use of pre-mixed sprayed on paint and unconventional, large scale surfaces and the great immediacy of its execution. Ideas continuously evolve, my work is Always In PROGRESS, THIS IS WHERE IT IS AT!!!!!