Chyre Boardman Fine Art

Chyre Boardman Fine Art

Described as 'always magical'...

My simplistic lines and strong color help me impart my passion for taking the image away from reality and towards the dream like.

Whether sculpture or paintings, simple curving and flowing lines are the foundation of the unique personality of my art. I create Fine Art sculpture and paintings to beautify and enhance people's homes, offices and lives.

Figures, abstracts and cityscapes make up the majority of my sculpture.
My paintings mostly fall into the catagories of seascapes, street scenes, twisters or ecology themes that allow me to express my feelings about man's impact on the earth.

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From the demure to the overtly sensual my figurative sculpture explores the complexities of the human spirit and becomes an expression of the personalities of those that have influenced my life.

My figurative sculpture has been described as "having an alluring grace and inner beauty with a meditative and reflective quality". My passion for cityscapes compels me to capture my emotional connection to the urban through my sculpture. My street scenes have an abstracted side that maintains a distinct connective continuity with it's more conventional city counterpart on the opposite side. Through this signature method the viewer is afforded the opportunity for a change of scene.

Since I work with solid clay and do not hollow out the pieces, the drying time can take from 2 to 12 months followed by a slow two day firing. My patinas are added after the firing and each work is hand painted in layer to achieve a visual depth and metallic glow.
Raised in the Pacific NW, I studied art under Richard Helzer focusing on the sculpting of natural materials. I soon came to prefer the clay for it's flexible nature and ease of manipulation.

Just for fun I occasionally work with polymer clay to design and sculpt fun, classy and edgy jewelry.

I grew up in Oregon and have traveled across the nation several times and seen the great diversity in this country. People, places and attitudes change as you travel from West to East and North to South. These experiences have helped me to form my artistic soul and grow as an artist.

Now living in northern Kentucky, one of my favorite things to do is to visit the banks of the Ohio river at night and linger in reflective thoughts. Something about gazing at the Cincinnati lights reflecting off the river captivates me. It brings back distant visions of my Mom driving us from Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington when I was a kid ( a journey that used to take 7 or 8 hours). As night fell and darkness surrounded the car, only the headlights casting their beams on the road ahead connected us to the vast open prairies around us. I remember the thrill of seeing the lights of the city making a glow in the distant sky and anxiously watching for the moment we would crest the last hill and see the brilliant glow and beauty of the city skyline. Sometimes I think my passion for cityscapes comes from the feelings of joy and wonder I experienced at seeing those beautiful lights on the horizon.


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